Privacy Policy

As of May 25th 2018, the EU are introducing a new legislation- the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This governs how we use your personal data and your rights over how your personal details are used. We have updated our Privacy Policy in accordance with this.

How we store/use your data

We collect your personal details such as name, address, contact telephone number and email only for the purpose of the booking incase we need to contact you for anything to do with the booking. Images of work we have carried out may be used on our website and our social media sites. Your personal details are not given to any third parties and are only used for the purpose intended.


We may send a small amount of cookies to your computer when you visit our website. This is to track movement to our website. You can choose not to accept cookies on your computer, although this might mean you may not be able to access all parts of our website.

Your personal details are kept until the work by us is fulfilled (i.e.-your wedding day) You may if you wish see a copy of the details we hold about you, proof of identity will be required in doing so.